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Update on Our War

Well, I sent the Declaration of War Post in a link to Frank J., and he responded here.

Now I got some livejournal Goldberg fans against me. Stupid flying monkeys, but this has made me realize that, to compete against Jonah, I'll need my own fan club. It's a great idea. Everyone can go there and talk about how great I am, distribute a newsletter about my genius writing, and groupies can chat about how sexy I am. And, every so often, I can stop by and post something and everyone will be like, "Wow! The Frank J. has talked to us! We are blessed!"

Piffle. However, he now has two fan blogs. What a Copying Karl. We were first, just remember that!!

Eric of The G-Philes commented on Frank's Fan-Blog post to proclaim support, of course.

- Kristen
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