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GAS PRICES [Jonah Goldberg]

I know Steve already raised this point earlier this week, but I still don't understand why liberals are so angry about high gas prices. Okay, I guess I do understand, I'm just astounded. For example, Bill Clinton and Al Gore raided the Strategic Petroleum Reserve the last tine gas prices went through the roof. Now Gore is a longstanding champion of alternative fuels. The best way to get the market to pursue alternative fuels is for the current fuel in use to get more expensive. Indeed, Gore at the time was the nation's biggest champion of "lockboxes" -- well what is the SPR if not a lockbox? Since commodities are fungible, Gore could have just as easily come out in favor of raiding the Medicare trust fund to offset high gas prices.

Similarly, how many times have we heard Euro-envious liberals talk about how enlightened Europe's outrageously expensive gas prices are? But when the free market results in American gas prices rising to a third of what they are across the pond the same liberals are stunned by the regressive cruelty being done to the working man. I guess it's a classic example of how the State is sanctified in the eyes of liberals, and therefor harm inflicted by it is holy.

and the Derb (because I can't post without mentioning him) posted this hilarious use of math: Things Bob Actually Does Know About Women.
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